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Trusted Pool Maintenance Companies

Owning a pool brings lots of joy to life. Relaxing summer days soaking in the sun, swim parties with friends, fun around the patio. Even after summer and traditional pool season wraps up, fall and winter dips are possible with heated pools and hot tubs. But, it’s not always fun in the sun. The less appealing aspects of pool ownership are the upkeep and maintenance. Not all pool maintenance companies are created equal, and today we’d like to tell you why Sweetwater Pools is the name you can count on to handle all you pool needs. With lots of larger national name brand servicers, the focus is often on chemical plans and extra services, but with Sweetwater, every customer has the option to tailor their plan to match budget and individual needs. We put the focus on service and sound advice over upselling one size fits all maintenance solutions. The result? Happier, more satisfied clients who continue to come back for a wide range of pool services.

Of course, while we don’t try to pressure all customers into the same plans, we certainly keep in mind the long-term health and safety of both your pool equipment and the water itself. Our technicians are trained to evaluate pumps and filters, test for proper pH, and recommend the necessary steps for equipment maintenance and chemical adjustment. When it comes to pool maintenance companies, you won’t find a more flexible, better trained group of professionals than our team here at Sweetwater.

pool maintenance companies

Sweetwater Pools: For the Best in Pool Maintenance Companies


Whether you need full-time maintenance, or just a single service, Sweetwater stands out from other pool maintenance companies thanks to friendly service and flexible maintenance plans. We’re here to help with opening and start-up in the spring, closing and winterization in the fall, and chemical testing and treatment throughout the year. In addition to these services, we’re also ready to assist with repairs and renovations. From converting chlorine to saltwater equipment, to resurfacing cracked finish, to testing and replacing old equipment, our team of experts is trained to handle most any pool issue.

Also, remember that Sweetwater Pools is prepared to handle your commercial pool service needs as well. From neighborhood pools to aquatic facilities, we’re here to handle all facets of pool management. We can even assist with lifeguard staffing and training, helping manage hiring and placement. As pool maintenance companies go, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better selection of pool service plans. Call us today to request a bid for whatever type of maintenance plan you might need and inquire about our other pool service options. We’re glad to come to your house or pool facility to offer a free consultation and design the right plan for you and your budget. With Sweetwater Pools, you can enjoy all the fun parts of being at the pool, and leave the maintenance and hard work up to us!