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Sweetwater Is Your Pool Maintenance Company

There are plenty of great things about having a pool. Beat the summer heat, have a backyard BBQ, and relax with friends and family. What’s not to love? Well, depending on the company you call, keeping the pool clean and equipment maintained can take away from all of that fun. Not to worry though. When it comes to finding a reliable pool maintenance company you can trust, the name to know is Sweetwater Pools. We take pride in providing our clients with hassle-free, dependable service.

Unlike some of the larger national pool services, who are more interested in selling you chemicals and extra services, we put our focus on providing sound advice and matching our maintenance service with the needs of our customers.  When you call and schedule a consultation with one of our friendly pool professionals, our first goal is finding the right maintenance plan to suit your budget and needs. Of course, we will recommend what we think is best for the long-term health of your pool equipment and the safety of you and you guests, but we’re happy to work with our clients to find the right maintenance plan.

Beyond regular, full-time maintenance, we’re also happy to help with a wide range of other services. We can help with opening and start-up, closing and fall winterization, or the occasional chemical testing and treatment to get your water back to the proper balance. In addition to maintenance, Sweetwater is also a trusted source for repairs and renovations. Convert your old chlorine pool to saltwater, resurface cracking finish, and replace old equipment such as pumps and filters. Whatever your pool needs, our pool maintenance company is here to help!

pool maintenance company

Sweetwater Pools: Your Trusted Pool Maintenance Company


We’ve mentioned some of the great aspects of our residential pool service Atlanta has come expect from Sweetwater Pools, but don’t forget we’re also a fully capable commercial pool maintenance company too. Our experienced track record of quality service goes back to 2001, with countless neighborhood pools and larger facilities trusting us to handle all aspects of their pool management. Besides maintenance, opening/closing, cleaning and chemicals, and winterizing, did you know we can even help with lifeguard staffing and training?

That’s right, if you also need help managing lifeguards in addition to a pool maintenance company plan, our team can help. So call us today to request a bid for whatever type of maintenance plan you might need. We’re happy to come to your home or pool facility to provide a free consultation and determine what you might need in the way of chemicals, compliance updates, repairs, or just basic cleaning and management. With Sweetwater Pools on your side, you can leave the upkeep to us and focus on the fun!